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10 Reasons Indiana Hoosiers Never Stop Being Awesome

These aren't the type of people to sit at home and "chill" all weekend. For the students who never stop, Delta helps you get where you want to be.

1. For starters, Hoosiers get to experience the awesomeness of Buffa Louie's whenever they want!

2. Students at IU are always expanding their pallets with 4th Street: home to basically every ethnic food on the planet.

Great #glutenfree food in #Bloomington, IN. Check out these delicious ethnic restaurants:

Vietnamese, Chinese, Ethiopian... Whatever you want!

3. Do the students get into the sports? Have you even met Assembly Hall? It's where everyone spends most of their quality time.

4. Hoosiers even do charities better than everyone else. Do you even Little 500, bro?

5. Indiana is home to some of the most cultured students in America. They're always getting their fix at Bloomington's theater, loaded with incredible performances.

6. Hoosiers have a terrific understanding of fashion, and you can't put a price on style. Well, you can...but you can't.

7. The students also have access to an OUTDOOR POOL. Like, pretty much whenever they want. The nerve!

8. Hoosiers aren't big on studying at the library. That's why they have the Runcible Spoon, the best breakfast and coffee spot in town.

Did we mention it has wildest restroom in the country? To answer your question, yes, they have a bathtub filled with live sea creatures.

9. Or for any student who just wants to sink the biz. There are plenty of bizzes to sink at Nick's.


10. When the school year is finally over, IU kids know how to blow off steam: You rent a boat on Lake Monroe and just soak it all in.

As a Hoosier, you’re always in pursuit of life’s most enjoyable moments, and Delta will help you get there.

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