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10 Hilarious But Also Kinda Sad Signs You Need A New Laptop

It's so hard to say goodbye. But it's so easy to upgrade with the premium performance of Dell XPS.

1. You can't set it in your lap without burning your legs.

2. Your worst nightmare is an email ending in: "Please download the attached PDF."

3. The battery is always dying, especially when you're watching your favorite show.

4. You can barely read the worn-off letters on your keyboard...

5. ...or you straight up have to smash the keys to get them to work.

6. Your laptop sounds like it's on the brink of explosion if you run two programs at once.

7. When a GIF finally saves to your desktop:

8. Just breathing on it wrong can make it shut off.

9. You are terrified every time you turn your laptop off because it may never return.

10. Your laptop:

Yup, it's time to move on. Find the perfect laptop for you from Dell, like the new XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop!