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10 Types Of Teachers Everyone Has At Least Once

The good, the bad, and the ugly. We've all had our fair share of crazy teachers over the years. But instead of worrying about who's teaching, Dell wants you to just do stuff! After all, what better way to learn than by doing?

1. The Movie Buff

2. The Omnipresent Mastermind


Popularity Score: Having to have your parents sign off on your low test score.

Trying to slide anything past this teacher is pretty much impossible. They always know, and they always torment you as a result.

3. The Clueless Lecturer


Popularity Score: Getting straight As... because you know you can get away with anything with this teacher.

Seriously, this teacher never has any idea what's going on. Or maybe they do...YIKES!

4. That Crazy Guy Who Does Experiments All the Time


Popular Score: Getting to play dodgeball during gym.

It's not enough that this kind of teacher has to teach lesson plans...he has to do stuff at the same time! They just love making noise and pushing the boundaries, and like all good students, we can't get enough.

5. The Merciless Disciplinarian


Popularity Score: Getting assigned a bottom locker.

If you are one of the troublemakers, you know a storm is coming the moment you step foot in this teacher's classroom. But hey, once you learn your lesson once, you'll be sure not to do anything out of line in this class!

6. The Monotone Record Player

7. The Storyteller


Popularity Score: Nap time during the day!

This teacher has way more important things to share than lesson plans. Instead, you get to hear story after story. Hopefully the tales are more interesting than the actual class material!

8. The Wet-Behind-the-Ears Newbie


Popularity Score: Basically Christmas come early.

This teacher can't hide it... they just graduated, and it's their first year teaching. It's gonna be a fun year... *evil laugh*

9. The Evil Taskmaster

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Popularity Score: Waking up to snow, but then finding out there is no snow day.

This teacher exists primarily to make your life as miserable as possible. Assignments, pop quizzes, and that sneaky glare that makes you feel so guilty even though you have no idea why... is it summer break yet?

10. The "Trying-to-Be-Cool-But-Isn't-Cool" Guy


Popularity Score: Someone farting in class while the teacher is talking.

Watch out! It's a dad in teacher's clothing! No matter how "trendy" they try to be, they always slip up and show just how goofy they really are.