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10 Classes That We Wish Were Taught In School

These are the lessons everyone needs to learn. But hey, if the classes don't teach 'em, Dell thinks you should just learn it for yourself and start doing things your way! #LearnItDoIt

1. What your crush is actually giggling about.


Does she like you? Is she just laughing at you because you're clumsy? Is she laughing at someone else? What does it all mean?!

2. How to make friends on the first day of school.


The first day is so awkward and forced... if only an easier way existed to actually make friends when everything is so new!

3. How to write essays according to your teacher's writing style.


We all know that there's no standard way to write a perfect paper. Teachers all have different tastes in writing, and there's nothing we can do about it.

4. How to interact with your significant other between classes.


That awkward five minutes between first and second period is so bittersweet. Everyone is there (probably watching the whole time!), you're not sure if you should talk about your last class or ask how their day is going...why is this so hard!

5. How to know what's ACTUALLY going to be on the test.


Teachers always say "just study everything," but we've all stayed up countless nights studying a concept that never even made it on the test. How do we fix this?!

6. How to tell ahead of time if a teacher is going to actually collect homework.


Because why do it if it's not gonna be collected? Too bad we can't look just one day into the future...

7. How to make cafeteria food taste good.

8. How to pass a note without getting caught.


Nothing is worse than getting caught and having your teacher read the note aloud to the entire class...

9. How to choose the hardest working partners on that group project.


Work smarter, not harder, amirite?

10. How to pick the best seat in the classroom.


Which seat could you get away with napping in? Where will you be less likely to be called on by the teacher? There is so much strategy to this!