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How To Make $20 Stretch For A Week

Let's face it. College is all about faking it till you make it. You're barely skating by: personally, mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly, financially. There has been a time in all of our lives where our bank texts us and says "You ain't going nowhere with this balance." But! I will tell you, you can make it. and here's exactly how. *prices may vary*

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1. Invest in Ramen noodles


Ramen is $0.10 a pack... that's $1 for 10 packs. You can have 1 different flavor every day and 2 left over for when you get lonely in the future (which you probably will) You're so financially savvy, you Money bags, you! END OF DAY BALANCE: $19

2. Broke Meal Prep


If you're broke, chances are you have some food that's just about to be expired. Great! We can work with that. Cut the mold off the cheese AND of the bread, make yourself some sandwiches and you're set for lunch! You have all of your meals covered because let's be real, no one eats breakfast in college. END OF DAY BALANCE: $16-17

3. Find The Drink Deals


Most college towns have a drink special at least one day a week. If you're fortunate enough to go the University of Texas at Austin, we have a dollar drink special Monday-Friday. If you don't have any drink specials in your town, skip this one but know that I am truly sorry. Find those drink specials and get your buzz on! But don't do the most, you have a full week ahead of you. END OF DAY BALANCE: $16-17

4. Take a Nap

The cheapest thing you can do when you're broke is to nap! While you're asleep, you're completely distracted from the idea that you are undoubtedly financially unstable. Plus, everyone deserves a nap. END OF DAY BALANCE: $16-17

5. Find Live Music


Get your butt off that couch and see the world! Most places don't have a cover and you can listen to a plethora of great bands that you had no idea you were missing! Plus, it's awesome to support local artists in your city! You most likely have Spotify or some streaming service so you're definitely adding their music to your playlist! END OF DAY BALANCE: $13.50 (You had to buy a beer)

6. Make Your Own Entertainment


Instead of going out, invite your friends over for an old fashioned game night. You've got a couple of beers left in the fridge so make it BYOB! Worried about food? There are pizza coupons everywhere and in college, we are not shy about requesting $1.35 from friends for the pizza slice they said they weren't going to eat because they weren't hungry. END OF DAY BALANCE: $9.75

7. Treat Yo' Self


You did it! You made it through the week without going into the negative and I am so proud of you! Tomorrow is pay day so blow what cash you have left and buy yourself something (small, but) pretty! OR save it so you can avoid this stress next pay period. But you do you!

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