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    Talking About Sex With Your Partner Isn't Something We're Necessarily Taught, So We Asked People How They Do It

    In every relationship, there are different kinks, boundaries, and willingness to go outside the box. So we asked a few people — how do you talk to your partner(s) about sex?

    Something I’ve learned after being in the dating scene for a while, and later being in a serious relationship with my boyfriend now, is that sex talk is very personalized. Some prefer communication at every step, while others prefer spontaneity. There are different kinks, boundaries, and willingness to go outside the box with every person. People are different! All of this is OK, but what’s not OK is feeling as if you have to avoid talking about sex. Much like defining the relationship, at one point or another, you have some sort of sex talk with your partner(s).

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    After consulting with past friends and sex experts alike, it’s apparent that the biggest thing about the sex talk is being comfortable. You have to be somewhat comfortable with yourself, your partner(s), or at least one of the two. However, there were a few unique things about talking about sex for each person I talked to. Let's dig in.

    1. Consent Is Sexy

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    2. Don’t Be Afraid of Constructive Criticism

    3. Remember, You Can’t Change People

    4. It’s More Than OK to Discuss Kinks

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    5. Trust Yourself When You Know Something’s Off

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    6. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions, and Then Ask Some More

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    What would you add? Let us know in the comments!