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16 Things That Seem Way Scarier Than They Actually Are

Donating your bone marrow doesn't have to be scary! Learn more about how you can save a life at DKMS.

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1. The Dark

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Playing with glowsticks? Watching fireworks? Enjoying a candlelit dinner? Thank darkness for making these AWESOME.

2. Public Speaking

Just. Imagine. Everyone. Naked.

3. Bugs

They're more terrified of you than you are of them. Did you ever think that maybe YOU'RE the scary one?

4. Flying in Airplanes / Via

Statistically, you could fly every day for the next 11,146 years and never crash.

5. Clowns

Do they make you feel uncomfortable? Sure. Should you be scared of them? Nah.

6. Asking Someone Out on a Date

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Take your mom's advice: The worst that can happen is they'll say "no," but that does not determine your worth!

7. Or Being Set Up on a Blind Date


Two words: Free food.

8. Public Bathrooms

The place where true art lives.

9. Doing Literally Anything Alone

Raise your hand if you've eaten lunch in your car to avoid sitting at a table by yourself? 🙋

10. Or Actually Being Alone, Ya Know, in Life


More like #sorryimnotsorry, amirite?

11. Commitment

Not all of us want to "put a ring on it," but taking little chances every now and then is good for the soul.

12. Taking That First Sip of Coffee

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Pro tip: Save your tongue by drinking your coffee between 155ºF and 175ºF.

13. Talking About Your Feelings / Via


14. Big Groups of Teenagers

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You've got your own job (maybe), your own car (maybe), your own house (maybe), and you can get into a bar (hell yeah), so don't let the hormonal adolescents get you down.

15. Riding in an Elevator With Someone You Sorta Know

"So...yeah...the weather..."

16. Checking Your Bank Account on Monday Morning


OK, maybe that is as scary as it seems.

Becoming a bone marrow donor is easier (and way less scary) than you thought. You have the power to save a life. No training. No expertise. Visit DKMS to learn more.