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    Learn How To Make DIY Aromatherapy Candles

    They will light up your life



    1. Fill a glass measuring cup with 2 cups of soy wax.

    2. Place measuring cup inside a large pot on the stove.

    3. Fill large pot ¾ full of water.

    4. Allow water to boil and wax to melt, stirring occasionally.

    5. Pour additional 2 cups of dry wax into melted wax. Allow wax to melt.

    6. Remove glass measuring cup from boiling water.

    7. Add essential oil and candle dye to melted wax. Stir.

    8. Pull candle wick through pen cap to secure. Place inside mason jar.

    9. Carefully pour wax into mason jar. Allow wax to dry overnight.

    10. Cut the wick, and enjoy!