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4 DIY Upcycled Toys

Here's how to make toys from products you'd otherwise recycle!

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Bubble Machine


3/4 cup cold water

1/4 cup liquid dishwashing soap

1 tablespoon glycerin


1. Save a plastic water bottle and a mesh bag.

2. Cut off the bottom of the bottle. Recycle the bottom piece.

3. Cut the top off of the mesh fruit bag. Discard the remaining.

4. Duct tape the open ends of the water bottle and mesh fruit bag together. You have a bubble machine!

5. Mix water, liquid dishwashing soap and glycerin in a bowl to make bubble solution.

6. Dip the bubble machine into the bubble solution.

7. Blow beautiful bubbles! Be sure not to inhale the bubble solution.


I Spy!


1. Save a water bottle.

2. Place small toys and office supplies in the bottle.

3. Fill the bottle with rice.

4. Tightly screw on the bottle cap.

5. Shake up the bottle and play I Spy!


Egg Carton Spelling Challenge


Save an egg carton.

Write vowels on one row, and consonants on the other.

Put 3-4 pennies inside the egg carton. Close the carton and shake it up!

Open the egg carton, and write down the letters the buttons landed on.

Make words out of the letters!


Math Bowling


1. Save 10 plastic water bottles.

2. Write a number, 1 through 10, on each bottle. You have bowling pins!

3. Place the bowling pins in a pyramid formation down a hallway or outside.

4. Give your kiddo a tennis ball, and bowl!

5. Collect the knocked down pins, and help your child add up the numbers.


Watch how to make the toys here:

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