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13 Reasons The '70s Weren't That Great

America in the '70s wasn't just lame: It was also disgusting. Luckily, the EPA helped clean it up. Now, the Trump Administration threatens to put our clean air and water at risk again. Call your reps and tell them to protect the legacy of the EPA.

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3. Lava lamps were kinda lame. That said, at least if they broke and spilled out, it wasn't as bad as 4,800 Louisville residents being evacuated due to the threat of a liquid chlorine spill.

5. The vibe of your Hawaiian surfing trip was completely harshed by raw sewage being dumped near Waikiki Beach.

6. Wearing earth tones was the worst when it meant that you (and the entire city skyline) blended into the intense smog all around you.

7. Jefferson Airplane concerts got loud, but they weren't as bad as a deafening airplane barreling over your house.

8. Your ringer T-shirt always got so dirty when you drove by a gypsum plant raining white dust on your car.

The US National Archives / Via Flickr: usnationalarchives

Now our air is cleaner, and some dude doesn't need to write in marker that you have clean air coming in two miles.

For more than 40 years, the EPA has kept Americans safe and our environment clean. The Trump Administration endangers the great work the agency has accomplished. If they have their way, we could be headed back to the disgusting '70s. Don’t want that? Use the call tool below to be put in contact with someone from your senator’s office. Let them know you support the EPA's work and want to defend its legacy of environmental protection.

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