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    24 Epic Struggles Of Straightening Your Hair Every Day

    Don't come between a girl and her straightener.

    1. Your arms get tired.

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    You don't need to lift weights. It's a serious upper body workout just maneuvering that hair dryer, straightener, and brush around.

    2. You simultaneously love and hate showers.

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    You want to get clean but don't want to mess up your 'do, so dry shampoo is your best friend forever.

    3. There's that one curlicue that JUST WON'T STRAIGHTEN no matter how many times you run the iron through it.

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    You even bought a thinner straightener to tackle those impossibly curly pieces next to your ears, but you still can't get them to lie flat.

    4. You hate being seen with half-straightened hair.

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    Only your immediate family and roommates are allowed to witness this atrocity.

    5. Your hair is literally everywhere—on your carpet, in your drain, stuck to your clothes, etc.

    You're also slightly concerned about going bald.

    6. You walk outside on a windy day and return home to a rat's nest of knots.

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    You shed even more strands when you fight to brush those knots out.

    7. Putting your hair up is a serious commitment.


    There's no letting your hair down again unless you're cool with a serious case of ponytail bump.

    8. If you dye your hair, the color never lasts long.


    Heat styling fades the color, so you end up re-dyeing two weeks later. UGH.

    9. You spend WAY too much cash on straighteners.


    You straighten your hair so frequently that cheap straighteners break within a few months. You're willing to splurge on a high quality straightener because it should last you several years. (But whether it actually does is a different story.)

    10. And you want a new straightener every time a new model or design comes out.


    You convince yourself that owning multiple perfectly functioning straighteners is a normal thing. Also you think the baby irons are kind of cute.

    11. Borrowing someone else's straightener is a risky move.

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    If it's a cheaper brand than you own, you're appalled by how many run-throughs it takes to straighten one chunk. If it's a higher quality brand, you become addicted to its magic straightening power and will never view your lowly straightener the same way again.

    12. You tune out lectures about how straightening destroys your hair.


    You're smart enough to always use heat protectant.

    13. You can't use your straightener when you travel abroad because of the voltage difference.


    If you don't have a transformer, you buy a new straightener in the country you're visiting rather than face a vacation (or god forbid, a whole semester abroad) sans straight hair.

    14. Your hair brushes magically disappear.

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    There's probably two paddle brushes and a round brush lurking in an unseen corner of your apartment.

    15. You're paranoid about forgetting to turn your straightener off.


    The entire building will burn, and it will be all your fault.

    16. Sometimes it feels like you spend too much time on your hair.


    If you spend 15 minutes straightening your hair every day, you'll have spent over 90 HOURS on your hair by the end of the year. Yikes.

    17. Your straightener won't heat up to the right temperature.

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    Too hot and you'll fry your hair. Too cool and you'll never straighten those kinks out. And if your straightener doesn't let you set a custom temperature, you'll use the standard setting and hope for the best.

    18. Getting caught in the rain ruins your meticulously straightened strands.

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    You exit your apartment with straight hair and arrive at your destination with frizzy waves. Thanks, Mother Nature.

    19. You dread any weather extremes, really.

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    If it's a humid summer, you're already soaked in sweat halfway through your straightening session. If it's winter, bring on the static.

    20. You twist and turn in front of the mirror to see the back of your head, just in case you missed a spot.

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    Pro tip: With your back to the mirror, position a second mirror slightly diagonal from the first mirror. If you prop the second one up against a surface, your hands will be free to straighten any misbehaving strands.

    21. You occasionally burn yourself.


    You've burned your ear, your finger, your foot when you accidentally stepped on a hot straightener that one time…

    22. Oh, and you burn your hair if it's not dry enough.


    "Do I smell something burning?"

    "Nah, it's just my hair."

    23. Most people think your hair is naturally straight.

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    24. When they find out the truth, they assume you hate curly hair.

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    But that's not the case at all.

    Your curly/wavy hair may be a pain sometimes…

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    …and yes, your hair is straight more often then not…

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    …but it's fun to embrace your natural hair too.


    Depending on your hair's texture, de-frizzing your curls can take just as much effort as straightening them does.

    Curly, wavy, or straight: You. Look. Fabulous.

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    Go get 'em.

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