8 "Skinny" Foods That Nutritionists Say Are Actually Bad For Your Diet

    The chances that any processed food labeled "skinny" will help you lose weight is slim to none, say healthy eating experts.

    If you see a packaged food or drink labeled "skinny," resist the urge to fall for it; most nutritionists say it's just a clever marketing trick.

    Food items marketed as skinny are often highly processed, and while they might be lower in calories than another option, that doesn't always make them a healthier choice. "I am immediately wary of foods that have the word skinny in the title," says Kylie Deppen, a certified health coach and nutrition expert based in New York. "The problem with most skinny, low-fat, low-sugar, diet-like food products is that they are not real food," says Stephanie Middleberg, a nutritionist and health and wellness expert. "They contain more chemicals than real food, chemicals that adversely affect our metabolism, making you gain weight, feel bloated and lethargic." Here are examples of products that aren't as healthy as their "skinny" labels may lead you to believe.

    1. Skinnygirl Margarita

    2. Skinny Water

    3. Skinny Buns

    4. Skinny Cow Ice Cream

    5. Hi I'm Skinny Sticks

    6. Skinny Cheese

    7. Skinnygirl Stevia Extract

    8. My Skinny White Basmati Rice