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    24 Guilt-Free Ice Pops That Will Make You Go Ahhhh

    None of these pops contain refined sugar or processed flavored yogurts — the major culprits among other less healthy pops.

    1. Blueberry & Orange Icy Pops

    These babies have no added sugar and are totally vegan. Also, they're very pretty. Recipe here.

    2. Frozen Fruit Pops

    You don't even need real popsicle molds for these! Just fruit, cups, and sticks. Recipe here.

    3. Paletas de Piña y Arándano, aka Pineapple Blueberry Pops

    Basically just water and fruit and happiness all rolled into one beautiful ice pop. Recipe here.

    4. Spicy Watermelon Popsicles

    Just because something's cold doesn't mean it can't also be hot, hot, hot. Recipe here.

    5. Power Smoothie Striped Popsicles

    Bananas, spinach and flax seeds are just a few of the wonder foods in these ice pops. (Bonus: No added sugar!) Recipe here.

    6. Caramelized Rhubarb and Yogurt Ice Pops

    These yogurt-based ice pops are as good of a reason as any to get over your fear of cooking with rhubarb. Recipe here.

    7. Mango Lassi Ice Pop

    These have a heavy pour of syrup (Pro tip: Use organic cane sugar to make it), but hey, at least it's not that over-processed, refined sugar so you're still getting some nutrients. Recipe here.

    8. Berry Pops

    Fruit, yogurt, vanilla, and honey and that's all folks. Recipe here.

    9. Loquat & Strawberry Yogurt Ice Pops

    The loquat and strawberries make these naturally sweet, but you can also add some honey to bump it up a few notches. Recipe here.

    10. Apricot Yogurt Popsicles

    Apricots: Better fresh than dried, and better in a popsicle than anywhere else. Recipe here.

    11. Green Smoothie Detox Pops

    Beats a green juice any day. Recipe here.

    12. Sweet and Salty Celery Popsicles

    Why should the fruit have all the fun? (Tip: Make the simple syrup with honey instead of sugar.) Recipe here.

    13. Chilled Beet Soup Popsicles

    Beets are a natural aphrodisiac meaning these will heat you up while they cool you down. Recipe here.

    14. Lemonade Cucumber Spa Popsicles

    IDK who brings their own popsicles to a spa, but I'm into it. Recipe here.

    15. Green Popsicles

    Spinach FTW, even in a pop. Recipe here.

    16. Sunshine Beet Popsicles

    Beets, carrots, oranges, and raspberries put aside their differences to come together in one glorious ice pop. Recipe here.

    17. Vegan Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Ice Pop

    A delicious chocolate-covered strawberry ice pop with no dairy. Oh happy vegan day. Recipe here.

    18. Fiesta Ice Pops

    These ginger lemon-lime beauties use honey, a more nutritious sweetener than sugar. And the ginger makes them perfect for healing an upset stomach. Recipe here.

    19. Strawberry, Hibiscus, and Watermelon Ice Pops

    Maple syrup: Good for more than just pancakes. Because it hasn't been processed, it still has its nutrients as well as its sweet taste. Recipe here.

    20. Coconut Fig Ice Pops

    Figs, like you've never seen them before. Recipe here.

    21. Coconut-Water Ice Pops

    Use honey instead of agave, which has lost its healthful reputation and is now linked to heart disease. Recipe here.

    22. Spring Bouquet Popsicles

    Yes these are flower-filled ice pops. And yes, Ryan Seacrest is a fan. Recipe here.

    23. Kiwi Pineapple Ice Pops

    Totally worth the ordeal of peeling, coring, and chopping your own pineapple, these sweet pops only use 2 tablespoons of honey for 10 pops. Recipe here.

    24. Cantaloupe and Cherry Popsicles

    Glad to see cantaloupe is finally getting some of the attention it deserves. Recipe here.