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    24 Guilt-Free Ice Pops That Will Make You Go Ahhhh

    None of these pops contain refined sugar or processed flavored yogurts — the major culprits among other less healthy pops.

    1. Blueberry & Orange Icy Pops

    2. Frozen Fruit Pops

    3. Paletas de Piña y Arándano, aka Pineapple Blueberry Pops

    4. Spicy Watermelon Popsicles

    5. Power Smoothie Striped Popsicles

    6. Caramelized Rhubarb and Yogurt Ice Pops

    7. Mango Lassi Ice Pop

    8. Berry Pops

    9. Loquat & Strawberry Yogurt Ice Pops

    10. Apricot Yogurt Popsicles

    11. Green Smoothie Detox Pops

    12. Sweet and Salty Celery Popsicles

    13. Chilled Beet Soup Popsicles

    14. Lemonade Cucumber Spa Popsicles

    15. Green Popsicles

    16. Sunshine Beet Popsicles

    17. Vegan Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Ice Pop

    18. Fiesta Ice Pops

    19. Strawberry, Hibiscus, and Watermelon Ice Pops

    20. Coconut Fig Ice Pops

    21. Coconut-Water Ice Pops

    22. Spring Bouquet Popsicles

    23. Kiwi Pineapple Ice Pops

    24. Cantaloupe and Cherry Popsicles