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Hows Your Day Pass ?

You pass your day how? Native advertising nowadays

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Native advertising has been around for a while, but recent trends are helping the strategy gain track once again. For those who do not know, native advertising consists of ads that tend to match both the function and the form of the platform these ads appear on. Most of the times, native advertisement is carried out in the forms of articles or videos, produced by marketers with the sole purpose of promoting a product or service to a larger market.

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The main difference between product placement and native advertising, consists in the fact that product placement acts by placing the specific products/services within the content, whereas native advertisement merges the two together. There’ve been some controversies surrounding the legal status of native advertising, yet it has been proven that the strategy is one of the best types of advertising a marketer can benefit from.

There’ve also been some questions regarding the differences present between some of the forms of display advertising, such as native advertising and sponsored content. Well, while the two strategies are not completely different, there are some key aspects that differentiate them. Based on this, native advertising is meant to convince readers, and not to inform them, whereas sponsored content is strictly editorial, is not biased by a specific brand and its purpose is to inform the readers, rather than trying to convince them to make a purchase. Most of the times, sponsored content is purchased by leaders in the industry, whereas native advertising is fit for most kind of purposes.

Regardless of the strong influence and potential of success that native advertising has, some marketers forget to take the best practices into account. With this in mind, it is important that native advertising is integrated with the content present on the site (this includes keeping an eye on the font size, style and colour of the advertising), that its images fully reflect your audience (by using engaging images, which can reflect the way of life of your audience), uses language capable of resonating with your target audience (by keeping an easy-to-understand vocabulary that is also in trend with the latest styles) etc.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, smartly integrating native advertising can have a tremendously positive impact on the outcome of a marketing campaign. To ensure this however, marketers must abide by a set of guidelines which can in turn, provide the success that they’re seeking.

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