19 Fantastic Books That You Must Read For Women's History Month

    Happy Women's History Month! I'm once again asking you to go read more female authors.

    1. Regretting Motherhood By Orna Donath

    2. Hao: Stories By Ye Chun

    3. Ghost Forest By Pik-Shuen Fung

    4. Hellfire By Leesa Gazi (translated by Shabnam Nadiya)

    5. Small Pleasures By Clare Chambers

    6. Nightbitch By Rachel Yoder

    7. The Collective By Alison Gaylin

    8. The Friend By Sigrid Nunez

    9. I Should Have Honor By Khalida Brohi

    10. Attachment By Florence Noiville

    11. Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh By Shrayana Bhattacharya

    12. Sorrow And Bliss By Meg Mason

    13. Pandora’s Jar By Natalie Haynes

    14. The Lesbian Cow And Other Stories By Indu Menon (translated by Nandakumar K.)

    15. Detransition, Baby By Torrey Peters

    16. Girls Of A Certain Age By Maria Adelmann

    17. Bluets By Maggie Nelson

    18. Unwell Women By Elinor Cleghorn

    19. Acts Of Desperation By Megan Nolan