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We Tried The New Vegemite And Cheese Meat Pies And It Wasn't That Bad

Australia has no cuisine? Try again sweetie.

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Nothing is more Australian than a big glass jar of black, fermented yeast.


(Don't @ us America... you literally spray cheese from a can.)

And there's definitely nothing more Aussie than a pastry casing full of piping hot meat that will most likely burn the roof of your mouth.


PSA: It always tastes better when eaten with your hands.

So you can imagine our excitement when we found out that these two foods had combined into one power couple.

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Four'N Twenty recently released a limited edition beef, cheese, and Vegemite pie... and it honestly felt unpatriotic not to try it.


I chucked a few in a hot oven and while these babies warmed up, coaxed two coworkers into a taste test.


Just look at all that Vegemite-cheesy goodness!

Jameson enjoyed it, despite almost burning his mouth on the molten-hot cheese.


"It's good. It doesn't taste that Vegemite-y. It tastes more like a cheese pie. There is a Vegemite aftertaste."

Jemima, although cautious at first, felt like something was missing.


"I can't taste ANY Vegemite and I love Vegemite so I would pick it up. It's just like salty cheese. It's still good, but it needs more Vegemite."

And then there's me, and while it smelled like Vegemite, I also couldn't really taste it.


To be honest it just tasted like a salty beef and cheese pie. I'm not complaining, it was good. I could definitely smell the Vegemite though, and after I swallowed it I got a Vegemite aftertaste in the back of my throat.

So, in conclusion, while it's a tasty cheese pie, it definitely needs more Vegemite. Unlike a piece of buttered toast, this is where you probably don't need to go as light on the thick, black stuff.