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    What Are Your Best Hacks For Saving Money?

    Because it's never too late to start saving.

    It's no word of a lie that we all love money.


    *Dreams of the day I can lie on a big pile of cash*

    But in reality, life is expensive. For most of us all that hard-earned cash vanishes after you factor in living expenses, bills, and social events.


    Don't @ me, you're not my mother. It's important to still have a social life.

    Trying to save money in this day and age is hard, but not impossible! It just takes a few simple saving hacks and some perseverance to see real results.

    New Line Cinema

    For example, cooking in bulk and planning your meals...

    ... or having days of the week where you aim to spend zero dollars.


    There are also a number of amazing apps out there that can help when it comes to budgeting.

    Via Giphy

    Maths just isn't my thing tbh.

    So, what are your best tips and tricks when it comes to saving money? Share them with us and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!