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Rupaul's Drag Race Season 9 - Predicted Top 3

Which queens have what it takes to make it to the end?

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Today, LOGOTV and World of Wonder Productions finally Ru-Vealed the highly anticipated cast of the ninth season of Rupaul's Drag Race, and shit's getting gaggy! The lineup is beyond talented with queens from all different styles and personalities. However, three of the girls had me slaynt right from the start!

Shea Couleé

Shea has got the C.U.N.T to catapult her right to the win for America’s Next Drag Superstar. Shea was born in Chicago, but raised in France for a small a part of her childhood, which might explain the French influences in her drag name. Often describes her drag as bougie/banji couture, Shea is the total package.

She is not only a visual artist, along the likes of Kim Chi, she knows how to dance the house down – famous for her perfectly executed and choreographed Beyonce performances. The extent of her artistry can be seen in her short noir film she released, Lipstick City, which explores the underground drag scene in Chicago. If Shea can get through the couple of comedy challenges that are sure to come her way, she’ll have no problem making it to the top. She’s most likely snatching a win in a few design challenges, keeping us completely gagging on her runways, and if she ever lands in the bottom two, the girl standing next to her better get ready to sashay away. Check out her Instagram and some of her best performances here!


Aja is going to be the fan favorite of the season – along the likes of Pearl or Adore. Aja (pronounced like Raja without the “R”), is an extremely young queen who describes her drag as Kawaii/Banjee. Aja is the perfect candidate for the “growth” storyline, probably flailing at a bunch of challenges, ending up in the bottom two, but making it to the end by her charisma and lip-syncing abilities. Based on her Instagram aesthetic, she is a bold and colorful queen.

She already has a fairly large established fan base outside of the show, so even if she doesn’t make it top three she’s not going home anywhere before top five, just for production reasons. There aren’t many videos of her online to show off her personality unfortunately, but she seems to be full of energy and ready to make it to end no matter what stands in her way. She is set up to be the lip sync assassin of the season, check her most gag-worthy performances below!

Sasha Velour

Although a bold choice, Sasha Velour brings one of the most unique drag aesthetics the show has ever seen. Sasha is a highly successful visual artist, working as creative director of Velour: The Drag Magazine, and stars in a monthly drag show called NIGTHGOWNS. She is an artsy queen who is known for her trademark uni-brow paint and bald head.

If Sasha can avoid getting the alternative/edgy queen edit (See Milk or Acid Betty), who are portrayed as doing well in the show but never fully praised by the judges, then Sasha will make it far. Her drag performances are high concept and vastly different than your typical lip sync full of death drops. She has a unique perspective on drag that needs to be more celebrated within the show. Hopefully she could break the streak of alternative queens leaving midway and make it to the top. Check out Sasha’s high concept performances down below.

So what about ya'll? Who do you think stands out the most from the recently Ru-Vealed cast? Head on over to to meet all the queens from season nine and then comment below who you think forms your top three and which queen has the CUNT to snatch the crown!!

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