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Top 5 Ways World Animal Protection Effectively Uses Their Website

An analysis of World Animal Protection website's best features and how they function to achieve the organization's goals.

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1. Effective Material and Content


The material displayed across the entire site is informative to spreading the organization's goal which is to gain the public's support. The World Animal Protection hopes to achieve this through the use of their website. This material is able to achieve this since its information is effective in displaying their success and goals.

2. The Power of Emotion Through Images


The images portrayed throughout World Animal Protection's each produce a strong emotion of guilt and sadness. In doing so, the organization is attempting to gain public support. The sense of having a responsibility to help the animals is created, leading people to donate or support the cause. For example, the image of the bear above achieves this through the use of the cage and the sad look portrayed on the animal's face as it looks up at you.

3. Effective Use of Formatting


The formatting of the website is simple yet effective. The website is easy to navigate, containing 6 different tabs and a donation tab. The format is effective in encouraging the user into participating, as the organization incorporates a donation tab on each page. These factors of the website's format contribute to their goal of gaining support.

4. The Use of Weak Ties - Malcolm Gladwell Article


"Weak ties" is a concept introduced by the writer, Malcolm Gladwell in his article, "Small Changes" . The concept is that internet relationships have weaker bonds than those between people in real life. Gladwell claims that weak ties produce inferior results when protesting and lack effectiveness in high risk activism. The WAP's website embraces the use of their internet only relationship with users by encouraging them to donate and sign positions. They also incorporate other suggestion of how people can further involve themselves. As a result, the WAP displays an effective use of weak ties and how they can have a positive outcome in social activism.

5. Why World Animal Protection?

View this video on YouTube

For more information on how to be involved and about the organization visit, and navigate to the "Wy World Animal Protection?" tab. The video displays the organization's goals and why their work is meaningful in order to motivate the viewer as an attempt to gain support.

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