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5 You Never Thought Would Exist But They Do Subscription Boxes

There's a subscription box or service for every flavor or spice of life now.

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These subscription boxes are great, but if you are like us you want to know about other subscription services you can find on the interwebz...

Succulent Subscription Boxes

Succulent Lovers / Via

Check out - Succulent Lovers

Expand your collection or help expand your friend's expand their collection with a succulent a month.

Price: Starting off at $6/mth, and keep in mind they only ship within the US.

Nickelodeon Subscription Box

The Nick Box / Via

Check out - The Nick Box

“Each box is filled with nostalgic goodies that you will treasure like vinyl toys, plush, apparel, household collectables and much more!” -- Taken straight from their site.

Price: $49.99, and does not include S/H.

Sticker Subscription Boxes

stickerrs / Via

Check out - Stickerrs

They have 2 plans for you to choose from where they will send you “clean, unique, eye-catching, and fun designs.” They also donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

Price: $9.5**

** They seem to have a coupon code that will lower the price of each plan

Let me know what other whacky subscription boxes you've come across in the comments below.

***Edited June 25th 2017. updated their plans.

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