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    We Tried Tricking Our Friends Into Falling In Love And Failed Miserably

    When it comes to finding love, the rules are: There are no rules.

    There's no rhyme or reason to falling in love, and more often than not, you fall without even realizing it's happening.

    Watch these two get tricked into falling in love!

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    Keeping that in mind, Deysha and Jordan had a plan, and that (secret) plan involved trying to get two of their friends to fall in love.

    (Psssst. Mike and Dominique thought they were just trying to make a new friend in a day...or some shit like that.)

    They eased into questions like, "What's your perfect day?" and then it got real — real fast with, "How do you think your life will end?"

    The questions continued at a second location, as they talked about what they valued more in a friendship, what they wanted to know about the future, and what they wanted to do before they died.

    By the last set of questions, Mike and Dominique definitely seemed more relaxed and at ease with each other. Although they weren't in love...yet.

    Once the questions portion was complete, Mike and Dominique were asked to stare into each other's eyes for two minutes straight.

    Remember, Mike and Dominique still didn't know they were kinda sorta being set up to fall in love.

    Although they acknowledged that answering the questions brought them closer, they both agreed the more appropriate word for their relationship was friendship.