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What Nude Fashion Looks Like On Black Women

“So the only takeaway I got was that nude equals ashy on me.”

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We brought in four black women to try on nude-colored items of clothing and makeup. This is what happened:

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The women first shared their opinions on what the word "nude" actually means.

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Nude is defined as:

1. Having no clothes on

2. Of or involving people who have no clothes on

3. Having the color of a white person's skin

But when it comes to clothes and beauty products, "nude" means something completely different.

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When the ladies tried out nude-colored lipstick, it ended up being way too light for their skin.

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And the bra wasn't much better.

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The bodysuit didn't match anybody's skin tone, but let's be real, every woman rocked it.

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And we just don't talk about those tights...

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YAS Daysha!

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