Men Tried Ab Contouring And The End Results Were Sexy AF

    “I’m not wearing a shirt for the rest of the day, and you can’t make me.”

    Why waste your time in a gym or eating healthy (when you’d rather be eating pizza), when you could just contour your abs? Don't know how? We had these three fellas show you how it's done, and they're hot before and after.

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    Our three lucky guys were all in pretty good shape but have never had abs before.

    Some confessed that they were a little naughty prior to this video, but were looking forward to turning over a new leaf.

    Not realizing the magical powers of makeup, some didn’t even know that ab contouring was a thing.

    And when asked about their relationships with their bodies, they had no problem being open and honest about the fact that men also deal with insecurities.

    The perk of not having a six-pack is being able to date women who are interested in more than just the physical aspect of a relationship.

    After the quick and easy process, our fellas were feeling the difference.

    They were getting into their abs, whipping off their shirts like it was a damn sex scene.

    Or teasing us by slowly lifting up their shirt with a perfect smile.

    Some even considered a new gym regimen.

    But at the end of the day, six-pack or not, fellas, thank you for existing.