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Taking Boudoir Photos Helped This Woman Love Her Body At Any Size

Christina was right: You are beautiful, in every single way.

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Daysha, like many of us, struggled with learning to love her body. So she decided to hire a boudoir photographer to see if it would alter her body confidence and remind her that she's fierce as fuq:

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Daysha was a little worried at first (I would have been freakin' out too!) and she had a few goofy moments at the beginning when she was still shaking out those nerves!


It made her realize how easy it is for people to be negative about themselves, and that she had spent most of her life thinking her beauty was dictated by her physical weight.

And, because girl is honest, she recognized that there will be days when she still judges her value based on her body. BUT she now has these pics to look at and remind herself that she is worthy...

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