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Reasons Why Literally Everyone Loves Pretty Little Liars

Sure it's driven us all crazy for the past 7 years making us think we knew who A was but we never really knew for sure... But it's also one of the greatest shows of all time! Full of nothing but drama, crime, romance, suspense, horror, all of it. Pretty Little Liars is definitely known to keep you on the edge of your seat everytime you watch a new episode because literally something is always going to happen that you didn't expect! So why do people really love Pretty Little Liars? Here is why!

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The Romance.


One of the best things about Pretty Little Liars has always been the romance. The couples are the greatest and they literally almost all have so much chemistry on screen it looks 100% realistic. Ezria, Aria and Ezra, have been together since legit day 1 and they are honestly the cutest. They've been through some tough times and show what real love really is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Haleb, Hannah and Caleb, haven't really been together since day 1 but they've had this on and off relationship and they've both hurt each other but always found their way back. They are super adorable and you can really see the chemistry with those two. Spoby, Spencer and Toby, haven't been together throughout the whole series either but they are really good together even though Toby did severely hurt Spenc and it really ticked a ton of people off. I mean it made her go crazy all because he hurt her? How could he... And then Emily honestly you never know who they have her character paired with but I'm sort of on team Pailey, Paige and Emily, mainly because that's who Emily seemed to love most and at one time Paige was VERY protective over Em. I'll admit I'm not the biggest die hard fan for Emission but they are okay together I won't lie. They've had a "thing" since day 1 but Ali did hurt Em the worst and first so I'm not really for her and Em being together. There is always romance in these episodes somewhere. Tons of breakups, fights, tears, and nothing but love in the end.

The Drama


There is alwaysss drama in this show, which is why we all love it! From girl fights to arguing to breakups to A issues. Literally, if someone isn't have a girl fight and doesn't know how to get along because of one little thing it's A trying to find a way to throw one, or at one time all, of the girls in jail or trying to kill them! No matter what episode it is, you'll always find a little drama into it. Spencer seems to have the most drama with her family, and I can understand completely why too. Just know there will always be some kind of drama making you say in your head, "I cannot believe that just really happened or that she said that." Every single episode you guys.

Suspense, suspense, and MORE suspense.


From A constantly attacking these girls, there is always something keeping you on the edge of your seat! From Aria being trapped in a box and almost thrown off of a train, Emily almost being cut in half, and well Alison being buried alive by her own MOM and hit in the back of her head by her "sister" it's crazy! There is always someone dying, almost dying, or going to jail.

The friendship.


Let's be honest, this group is goals. The way they just held on so tight together throughout all of those years and never gave up on each other? That's hard to do especially in the world we live in today. Throughout this entire series and all of the years, these girls always stayed close and always had each others backs no matter what it was they had to help with. They are the most loyal friends I have ever seen and they share the strongest bond you can see that on screen and off screen also! They always remained close through every fight, problem, A issue they had. They were always there for each other somehow and if one of the girls fell off track every other friend would make sure they got back on track. They have all had breakdowns and heartbreaks and all stuck with each other. That is an incredible bond to have with one another.

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