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What You Should Know About Oil Pulling

For anyone that is looking to benefit their overall oral health, some dentists might encourage oil pulling. What is it? why would you need this? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out. This article will go over the lowdown on what oil pulling is, and what you should know about it, including if it’s right for you.

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Now, oil pulling is something that’s recently come up. Even though it’s been available in Ayurvedic medicine for 3000 years, it’s become a big trend. Essentially, it’s swishing with oil for about twenty minutes and then spitting it out in the trash can. There are claims everywhere saying that it can cure so many conditions, from arthritis, to even whitening your teeth. Now, is that really true? Not necessarily, but there are some benefits, and they will be talked about further, including a few of the rumors people have about this.

Oil pulling shouldn’t replace brushing and flossing. Now, there is the claim that if it goes in between your teeth, it can get rid of the plague. They say that it does get rid of it, but in essence, it doesn’t get rid of it, it might prevent plaque. It might reduce it, mostly because it dilutes the ability for the plaque to stick to teeth. If you do this every single day, it can remove some tooth staining, get rid of place and bacteria, but not enough to remove and prevent gum disease, that’s what a dentist, and some good old flossing and brushing is for.

Some claim that it can replace mouthwash and it can improve your gut health. Now, you probably see that your mouthwash might kill about 99% of germs, which includes the good bacteria, which isn’t good for your overall body health and your dental health. Remember, your overall health does depend on a good microbiome, and it will help to prevent disease if you do this. Oil pulling is a great alternative though, which makes the claim somewhat true. If you use coconut oil, there is a lot of vitamin E and lauric acid, which has some great antibacterial and antifungal properties to this as well.

You should make sure that you choose oil that is organic and high quality. Most of the Ayurvedic medicine has purported that you should make sure that you choose a high-quality, organic oil that is produced well, since many grocery store ones contain a lot of levels of lead, arsenic, and mercury, which won’t help.

Oil pulling isn’t good for kids. If it goes down the wrong tube, it can cause pneumonia, which is a bit of a silly risk to take to improve a child’s overall health. The best thing that you should do with a kid is not give them this, but make sure that they work on their brushing and flossing, focusing on that rather than this.

There are no claims that this can help with diabetes, various headaches, eczema, and asthma. You should realize at this point that while it might health, if you’re going to do something like this for 20 minutes, try doing a better brushing and flossing job, and while you might think that you’re fine, you might be over brushing. You should try to work on your overall oral health rather than this, especially if you have the time.

Finally, it doesn’t whiten teeth. This is something you should go to your OlyMPia dentist for. While it might remove the tooth staining that could be there, it doesn’t really brighten your teeth. You can get the same results from swishing with water just as long.

Now, that’s the truth about oil pulling. Some of us do like to use it, and there are some benefits, including that it can replace your overall mouthwash and not kill the bad bacteria, but in many cases, the cons outweigh the pros, so unless you really feel like you need to use it, don’t waste your time with this. Work on your brushing and flossing if you have the extra twenty or so minutes to do this every single waking day.

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