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How We Fuck Now

BuzzFeed LGBT editor Saeed Jones joins journalists Steven Thrasher and Dave Tuller to discuss sex, gay men, and what we are (and aren’t) doing. "Marriage and wedding registries are much easier to talk about than fucking."

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

Why HIV Drug Costs Are Spiking Under Obamacare

Since the start of this year, many people with HIV have seen the out-of-pocket costs of their medications skyrocket. And advocates argue it's not just price-gouging, but a blatant attempt by insurance companies to discriminate against patients who need expensive treatments.

David Tuller 5 years ago

How "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" Obscures A Serious Illness

An estimated 1 million Americans are debilitated by the condition, which isn't well understood by the medical community. Advocates and patients argue this is in part due to a continued stigma caused by its unserious-sounding name.

David Tuller 6 years ago