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PUNA: The Bridge Of Gap Between The Rich And The Poor.

It isn't about Profit, it's about giving help

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With an ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor, which started since the days of Adam. The increase in this gap is aided by steady inflation which “makes the rich, Richer and the poor, Poorer”. No economic strategy that has been applied by various governments of different countries, has been able to curb the rapid growth in gap between the rich and the poor.

The unequal balance in standard of living is largely caused by entrepreneurs, who always focus on getting the best products for the rich and completely neglecting the poor. Or at best providing inferior products for their consumption. This simply shows lack of Equity.

A lot of people have being suffering due to this harsh economic treatment of the poor masses which is structured only to favour the rich. In a quest to learn more on how to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor which I was to present as a lecture during a seminar organised for "improved standard of living"; I came across an online market Puna, which is greatly doing it's best to make sure the poor also got a fair share of a nice living by providing quality products at a far cheaper price that can be rarely found else where. I was very impressed with how standard their services were, though I didn't talk much about this site during my presentation to avoid being misunderstood as promoting an online shop. But not withstanding, I made some healthy references to Puna while lecturing the thousands of gathered masses. Now that I have the free opportunity to share with the world my thoughts, I would let you in on some of the reasons that made me give a thumps up to this online shop.

It is by no means a simple task to provide a healthy living for the poor masses, and the best way to reach out to many needy persons deprived of the basic fundamental needs is to open a market place. This market place will be providing varieties of products, ranging from health products to luxurious products. All the products sold at Puna are off the highest qualities and also come with massive discounts!. The reason is simple; to make it affordable to everyone, hence, bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.

We are stuck in a generation where internet has taken over the world, and it’s for the better. Therefore, Puna took advantage of the limitless barrier internet has and established a super standard online market. This is to enable Puna reach all nook and cranny of the earth.

You will never have to over pay for any of the followings again, because Puna offers you the Best Price.


At a price as little as $1.99 compare to the $25.89 sold else where, Puna unarguably offers the cheapest yet of the highest quality PH TEST STRIPS. This is a health product and has been made so cheap to ensure that everyone can easily afford it. This is the objective of Puna.


Don’t worry about paying the $35.89 this gloves are sold for all over the world. With only $15.89 which is less than half the standard price, Puna will give you a quality SILICONE HEAT RESISTANT GRILL COOKING GLOVES. Puna is here to most importantly help people, not for profits.


As Unbelievable as it may sound, it’s real. For just only $19.89 you will get an Original FOGO MICRO BUTANE TORCH JET LIGHTER which is sold at a standard price of $87.59. Puna has broke down the barriers between what we thought was achievable and what was made possible. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.


For about only $12.89, you will get a quality JULIENNE PEELER & VEGETABLE PEELER STAINLESS STEEL BY KERI’S KITCHEN. Save the $43.85 you would have coughed out to get it from any other place. Puna is here to make life easy and simple for you.


This unique PUNA 30OZ STAINLESS TUMBLER WITH LID ALT. is available for a little sum of $17.25 compared to the standard price of $92.59. This massive discount can only be offered by no other but Puna.

There are some many other products sold on Puna which are of great help to humans. Visit Puna right now and you will forever be happy you did.

I simply realised that Puna is more than just a market, it is a charity!

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