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Now, it's time to hit the road because it is going to be awesomely fun!!

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Holiday travel sucks, and a lot of people think that it sucks mostly when it is a distance journey. That’s not necessarily true. However, what probably doesn’t make you feel any better is the fact that you will experience Pelvic pressure аnd hip pain after sitting down for long. If you’re reading this while in an aeroplane or bus making hours journey, then know it that this is the last time you will be experiencing horrible pains after hours of sitting. If you are lucky enough to come across this article before your next trip, then be assured you are about to make the best trip of your life.

Thanksgiving 2016, My 7 months pregnant wife, and I were returning from a road trip to visit family and it was Sunday night. Driving through Cle-Elemat about 8:30 PM there was a bit of snow on the road, and maybe six inches accumulated on the sides of the road. Being from a snowy realm, I thought little of it and assumed the slowdown approaching Snoqualmie pass was due to Thanksgiving Traffic more than the little bit of snow. By 10PM we were just crawling along, and by 11 PM we had stopped completely. By Midnight it was clear we weren’t moving any time soon. There were hundreds of cars on the road and no traffic coming the other direction. My wife had to pee, as all pregnant women do, but she refused to traipse off into the forest in the snow to do so, and stubbornly held it. We were near the summit and so the snow was a couple feet deep on the sides of the road.

We had blankets and 3/4 tank of gas. Others weren’t so prepared, so we let some folks siphon some of our gas so their kids could have heat trapped in their cars overnight. Around 2 AM we finally got reception of an AM radio station which stated that the Pass had been closed for the night due to snow and the State Patrol being sick of having to rescue all the holiday drivers that were going off the road at slow speeds. Funny thing, nobody had bothered to inform the folks stranded up there of that, nor did they bother to close off the pass at an exit. Instead they felt it was just safer to have a bunch of unprepared holiday travellers stuck in their cars for 10 hours trapped on the road.

At about 6 AM when we woke up, we couldn’t move our legs due to severe pain of sitting on the hard seats of our car over a long period of time. My wife was having back pains because of the pressure on her pelvic and hip bone. I was deeply disturbed and was ready to go any length in order to see that my wife’s pains were healed.

It was then that I came to realize just how screwed up sitting in a particular place for so long is. Since that day I have spoken to many a soul that has had a similar experience of having to make a distance trip and I was made to know that what puts an end to the terrible pain you experience after sitting for so long is COCCYX ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT FOAM SEAT CUSHION BY PUNA

This is What a COCCYX SEAT Looks Like

This is What a COCCYX SEAT Looks Like

With less than half a hundred dollars, I acquired something which brought unquantifiable joy and happiness in my home. It gave me a priceless gift which is peace of mind, because with coccyx seat, my wife’s back pain was eliminated, the leg numbness she complains of after sitting for long was eradicated, her Pregnancy оr labor-induced coccydynia was taken care of and to cap it all, her posture was greatly improved.

This was meant to be just an ordinary foam but due to the nature in which it was built, coccyx foam became a medical equipment. It was simply incredible that a foam put an end to almost all my wife’s health problems. Not only for the benefit of my wife but for the family and others, I had to buy coccyx seats and fix in my car. Now sitting for long is fun and we can hit the road for as many hours as we want and still not feel an atom of pain, all thanks to Puna coccyx orthopedic foam.

In life, good things are hard to come by and when it does come, spread it to all your loved ones. So, since coccyx seat is a good thing which is rare to come across and is very affordable, I had to also get one for my grandmother and fix it in her wheelchair. This has made life so easy for her and she can now seat for the whole day on her chair wearing a big smile because she feels no pain at all.

Every Disappointment Is a Blessing Indeed.

Now, looking back to that long hours trip which got us trapped and brought severe pain and health problems to my pregnant wife, I count it blessing. Because without such incident, I wouldn’t have ever been pushed so hard to find a solution to pains that arise after sitting for a long time. Which led me to knowing coccyx foam, a seat with many health benefits such as promotes healthy posture, proper spine alignment, аnd superior comfort. It eradicates Pain оr numbness frоm sitting fоr long periods оf time, Pelvic pressure аnd hip pain relief. My wife has never had any physical health challenges since she started using this foam and she made my joy complete by safely delivering a cute baby girl.

I had to share my testimony because I believe that this coccyx seat will help some people who have been going through a lot of pain like we did and continues to consume a lot of pain relief tablets. While a very affordable simple foam will put an end to their nightmare. My grandmother has stopped taking her daily pain relief tablets since I got her a coccyx seat.

I also love the fact that this seat is easy to maintain because thе velour cover іs machine washable аnd саn bе removed usіng thе zipper fоr easy cleaning. And the foam doesn’t flatten out.

My experience with coccyx seat has been all round positive, and I hope it continues. I believe this article will definitely help someone out there get out from his/her nightmare pains. I am looking forward to see you share your own testimony after using this foam.

There is an avenue for communication between you and the dealers of Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion by Puna in the form of a chat forum. You can easily send a message concerning this product and you will get an instant reply clarifying you of any sort of confusion you’re having.

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