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Romantic Attractions That Must Be Visited This Valentine In Paris

Paris- the city where air breathes romance and the sky flaunts the colour of love. Quintessentially, Paris is a honeymooner’s paradise. But what if you can’t spend your honeymoon in Paris, you can always visit this city for Valentine’s Day!

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On this special day, relive your golden moments as a couple and vow more passion to each other in the city.

Needless to say, there are plenty of Paris tours that offer a delightful experience to spend a Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a list of the most romantic attraction of Paris that you must visit this Valentine’s Day:

1.Eiffel Tower

Pretty, mighty and oh so spectacular! Eiffel tower has everything that you need to have on an evening date for Valentine’s Day. Book any of the best Paris tours that will arrange a private time at the top of the tower and experience the kiss of life from above!

Have an outstanding dinner at the Michelin star restaurant at the top and steal a kiss under the tower; this is a place to be!

2.Pont Neuf

There are very few places in the world that will make you a hopelessly romantic person, even if you aren’t one! Pont Neuf is one such place that is perfect for spending your valentine’s evening. The arched bridge over the River Seine is a great place to enjoy the beautiful view of the city, the Eiffel tower and the River that flows through the city. This is also the place where you can proclaim your love by locking it. You and your beloved one can lock your love and throw the key in Siena to celebrate the Valentine’ day in Parisian Style!

3.Seine River

Undoubtedly one of the best attractions in Paris, the River Seine is what completes the perfect picture of Paris. Dramatically flowing through the city, you can choose from any of the best tours in Paris to book a cruise over the Seine.

Click a picture in the classic Titanic pose over the cruise ride; enjoy the dazzling lights of the city and witness the city of Paris from the waters!


Perfect place in Paris for an art loving couple, Montmartre is one of the quaintest yet one of the most extraordinary neighbourhoods of the city. Walk up hand in hand to the Sacre-Couer and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city. Spend the day exploring the art exhibits and studios that display the art works of masterminds like Van Gogh and Picasso.

You can opt for any of the best Paris tours that include a guided visit or a walking tour to the Montmartre district to understand the essence of the place to the fullest.

5.Museum of Romantic Life

Set in the Rue Chaptal, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris is this off-the-beaten-path museum of Paris that is perfect for a geeky and art-loving couple’s Valentine’s Day out! Right from the area of ‘New Athens’ where it is located to the exhibits, the museum is all about romance, art, poetry and beauty!

Former home of artist AryScheffer, the museum of romantic life exhibits excellent artwork including paintings, furniture and jewels that you must visit on your trip to Paris. Walk around the museum with your loved one and relive the romantic era this valentine’s day!

Book any of the best Paris tours to make your Valentine’s Day, a day to remember!

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