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10 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Business

How to boost your Instagram profile and gain more likes!

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1. Use a custom link shortener in your bio so you can track your leads.

2. Stay on the lookout for cross-promotional opportunities. If you help others, they may return the favor.

3. Instagram can turn an uninspiring, bog-standard image into a work of art with the click of a button. Use the filters!

4. Hashtag your images. The more you use them, the better your organic search results.

5. Superimpose a call-to-action on your pictures to boost engagement on your channel.

6. Instagram isn't just a picture channel. Videos boast a higher engagement than pictures, so use them!


7. Run sponsored ads. Split-test different advertisements, and then hone the results to maximize your leads.


8. If you are going to link to other social networks or websites, make sure the on-page content is highly valuable.

9. Upload to Instagram on a daily basis, but don't overdo it. One or two posts per day is more than enough.

10. Buy Instagram likes to get things moving. This will encourage organic followers to react to your content.

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