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    Posted on Jun 3, 2016

    17 Reasons Why The U.S. National Parks Are A Big Waste Of Space

    Forests, mountains... They all begin to look the same eventually.

    The national parks are all just a bunch of forests and mountains, right?

    kanonsky / Thinkstock

    Zion National Park, Utah.

    So the experience just can't be any better than what you might see in pictures.

    David Mcnew / Getty Images

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

    Not to mention that the parks are just so far away from everything and take FOREVER to get to!

    Ren Pirker / Getty Images

    Governors Island, New York.

    Why go somewhere that you could just dream about from the comfort of your own bed?

    tonda / Thinkstock

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.

    The things you would see are just so...ordinary.

    Dc_colombia / Getty Images

    Mount Rushmore National Park, South Dakota.

    We should just accept that these crazy things get built without ever wondering why.

    Amolson7 / Getty Images

    Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Missouri.

    Important things pretty much never happen in these parts.

    - / AFP / Getty Images

    The National Mall & Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C.

    Let's just leave life-altering history to the textbooks.

    kenez / Getty Images

    Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, Georgia.

    There's just nothing cool to see if you are not the "outdoorsy" type.

    Maciej Bledowski / Thinkstock

    Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California.

    And all old buildings pretty much look the same, right?

    Ejesposito / Getty Images

    San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, Texas.

    You know what else looks the same? Stars. No need to see them by the hundreds.

    Flickr: Christopher Michel / CC BY 2.0 / Via

    Joshua Tree National Park, California.

    Winter landscapes are just way too stressful.

    Zrfphoto / Getty Images

    Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.

    And there are no enjoyable cold weather activities.

    Design Pics / Getty Images

    Denali National Park, Alaska.

    Let's just not even mention that frozen tundra also known as New England.

    Darren Mccollester / Getty Images

    Minute Man National Historic Park, Massachusetts.

    And don't get me started on those Everglades. Just a bunch of croc-infested swamps.

    Flickr: Henry / CC BY 2.0 / Via

    Everglades National Park, Florida.

    By the way, geysers are totally normal and they happen pretty much everywhere.

    Poul Riishede / Getty Images

    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

    And walking among trees that were standing when Jesus walked the earth is, like, no big deal whatsoever.

    Bartfett / Getty Images

    Yosemite National Park, California.

    Ok, OK, you get the point. The parks aren't a TOTAL waste of space. In fact, they are sort of awesome.

    So, please, vote for your favorite park!

    Partners in Preservation is giving $2 million in grant aid to restore your favorite park's historical structures. Visit to help your favorite parks get a makeover!

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