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12 Beautiful Close-Up Shots Of Bagels That’ll Make You Cry Tears Of Hunger

If you're the type to scoop the delicious middles out of your bagels, you might want to stop reading here. We don't want to tempt you.

1. "Plain bagel" is an oxymoron; these fresh, bare bagels are anything but:

2. You can practically feel the smooth, crisp texture end where the soft, doughy sides begin:

3. Can you smell that sweetly tart aroma wafting from the nooks of this berry bagel?

4. These thick, honey-dipped bagels have you craving something sweet, don't they?

5. Oh! What do we have here? A warm breakfast bagel determined to take your hunger pangs away:

6. You might want to grab a napkin to catch the gooey melted cheese lying upon this hot pizza bagel:

7. Speaking of warm, just look at that perfect pat of butter seeping into this perfectly toasted everything bagel:

8. If lox is the key to your heart, get a load of this perfectly bitable bagel with all the fixings:

9. Just marvel at all that flavorful asiago cheese melted into this carb canyon:

10. Waves of rich cream cheese dance on the shore of this perfectly sliced everything bagel:

11. Doughy bagels + smooth chocolate spreads = your salivary glands causing a ruckus right about now:

12. And remember, bagel toppings are their beauty marks:

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