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Posted on Jul 28, 2016

We Want To See Your Happy, Carefree And Black Moments

The Black community has been sharing healing images to stay emotionally uplifted – now we want to see yours.

After the trauma and heartache that followed the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, Heben Nigatu created a hashtag called #carefreekids2k16 to encourage healing and self-care.

"It's a beautiful day to smile" 😭😭 #CarefreeBlackKids2k16

@heavenrants / Via Twitter

The hashtag picked up momentum on Twitter and has encouraged thousands to share ahhhhmazing video clips and pictures of black children being their most carefree, resilient, talented, and beautiful selves.

This is a wonderful and healing thread. Go spend a little time with @heavenrants: #CarefreeBlackKids2k16 ”

@johnroderick / Via Twitter

Now we want to see yours! Email your photos and videos to or you can submit your images in the comments below to be featured in a BuzzFeed video. We can’t wait to see all your amazing pictures and videos!