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7 Best Nursing Careers Based On Salary And Demand

Nursing is one of the great jobs which you can do to serve people and earn a handsome amount of money. There are different sectors where a nurse can start her career. Some nursing jobs have high paying salary. If you have the mentality to do hard work and you have the qualification, you can start your career in different local and international organizations. However, most of the nurses don’t know that they have this kind of opportunity. Do you want to know What are the sectors where you will get a higher salary, just read the whole article

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1. Medical mission trip / Via

There are different organizations in the world where the organization work for third world countries. Usually they need large number of nurses for their medical team. If you have the qualification, you can start as a Medical mission trip nurse. Most of the organizations pay in international scale and the amount of, the salary is higher than any other nursing jobs.

2. Neonatal Nurse

Do you love babies? Do you want to start your nursing career where you need to serve kids? Then you should work in this field. There is a high demand for nurses in this area. Average hourly salary of a Neonatal Nurse is 30$/hour.

3. Nursing Administrator / Via

If you already have the experience in different nursing sectors and a good academic background, you can start as a nursing administrator. Nursing administrators earn an average wage of $79,064 per year.

4. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Do you think you have enough patience? Then you can make your career as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. You can get some higher degrees in this field for a better job. You can work on different clinics and various organizations. The demand in this sector is increasing day by day. A lot of people are suffering from depression and they need the attention.

5. Pediatric Nurse / Via

Working in this industry is challenging. If you have enough energy and you are a challenging person, start your career as pediatric nurse. Average yearly salary of a Pediatric Nurse is $67,000. Some people are also making more than average.

6. Nurse Researcher

It is not real that you need to start as a general nurse Practioner. You can also work as a nurse researcher. Average yearly salary is $80,000.

7. Orthopedic Nurse

Photographer: Jacom Stephens / Photographer: Jacom Stephens--Av

Demand in this sector is also increasing rapidly. If you have the patience to meet with different fracture and broken bone people, you can start as an Orthopedic Nurse.

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