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Which Vallee Trap Boy Are You?


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  1. You wake up in the morning, what do you do?

    Debate whether its worth getting on the bus
    bowls of cereal
    tune out your crippling depression and drag your ass to biology
  2. It's friday night, how do you start the game?

    Permafried already
    shotgunning brewskis
    Shots & Juice boxes
  3. How good are you at mario kart?

    Fuck you i'm better!!!
    What the fuck I'm better you dumb bitch
    Rainbow road my DUde
  4. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like dick?

    I sucked off a guy with a condom filled with water before
    only if its ftb
    Maybe if I take a bowl first....
  5. What is your drink of choice?

    Mimosa's mother fucker
    Anything with an alcohol percentage over 4%
  6. Jesus?

    Of course
    only when needed
  7. On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to do some stupid shit?

    I bled so bad someone thought it was apart of a halloween costume
    "No, what the fuck I'm not doing that"
  8. How do you go to class?

    I dress normally
    Comfy clothes
    I'd go naked if I could
  9. Netflix?

    and bowls
    and gains
    Fuck tv
  10. What's your favourite holiday?

    Any holiday as long as there's alcohol
    Christmas MOTHERFUCKER
    Im too fried to look or talk to my friends at the moment
  11. Which trait best describes you?

    I like numbers, but I like drugs more
    You like to help people but you can't even help yourself
    You can find me either faded or making gains
  12. Who's your favourite vallee trap boy?

    d rock
  13. How much do you bench?

    Your mom
    idk like 7 plates
    Don't you sit on benches
  14. You have a paper to write when do you write it?

    Get someone to do it for you
    Couple hours before
    What paper?
  15. Your fridge consists of

    Anything and everything
    I have more alcohol than food
    No one quite really knows
  16. How touchy do you get when you're lit?

    They call me touchy tim
    I faceplant into boobs when I'm absolutely hammered
    What's a girl?

Which Vallee Trap Boy Are You?

You got: Jordon

You're always open to trying something new, like running into signs and throwing yourself into bushes. A slight buzz will get you going and a bowl will straight up KO you. The cross fade is deadly and you've experienced this many times but just don't give fuck. The gym is always a motive even though you spend the nights trying to find ways to numb your limbs. You'll take just about any drug as long as you trip like a motherfucker.

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You got: Mitchell

To you, bowls is always the answer. You've mastered crackheadedness and use it to your advantage. Instead of eating bowls of cereal you just take bowls. A brew will get you buzzin but by the end of the night your head is down and you're stumbling across campus desperately trying to make it to mcdicks. Usually semi-concious but still responsive. Lest We Forget 29/10/2016.

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You got: Darek

You're a fake frat boy but will do just about anything for the boys. Your weekend usually consists of getting absolutely shit-faced and getting lost and separated from your friends on campus. You've managed to faded and THEN remember about your incomplete assignment due at 12am, so you took your laptop to the pre-game. You think the best way to get lit is to drink as much as possible as fast as you can.

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