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22 Tinseltown Takedown Lists Rejected By BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has never met a list it didn't like.... Until they met Darin Tino.

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I suppose word got to the wind pretty quick that Darin Tino was goin' solo again. That would explain how I got Buzzfeed standing on the front gravel of my Baja Norte hacienda blasting Nickleback from a doombox held above its head like some confused, lovesick, thugged-out Lloyd Dobler demanding one last list.

With that in mind, it's time to say give BuzzFeed a loose salute and say so long with one last list. So, without further ramble...

21) 10 Lists That Are Better Than Your List

Would you prefer 20?

18) 4 Places I've Had Sex In Public With My New Girlfriend Krista

I've done landed me the Queen of Freaks.

16) 10 Foolproof Shoplifting Techniques

WARNING: This list has a warning.

15) 7 Dares Daniel Baldwin Will Do For A Dollar

View this video on YouTube

Really just another reason to post this clip of Daniel "acting."

14) 5 Signs My Girlfriend Krista Might Be Unstable

And not in a good way.

11) 3, Possibly 4 Times My Ex-Girlfriend Krista Cheated On Me, That Bitch.

You know, sometimes... whatever...

10) 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

You love her. And she loves him.

8) 10 Movies Only A Skeezy Alley Rag Named Krista Would Like

She also likes it when two [CENSORED]

6) 10 Things To Yell While Being Escorted From The Building After Being Fired

Claim to know who's been stealing everyone's food from the break room fridge.

5) 6 Times I Called My Neighbor - 12 year-old Gavin - An Asshole The Other Day

For a kid his age, he's got a black belt in ass-holery.

3) 5 Different Dreams I Have That All End With Skeezy Queen Krista Living Alone Until Eaten Alive By Her 50 Cats

Couldn't happen to a better bee-yotch!

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