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Reasons Why Netflix Is Better Than Your Best Mate

They're there for you through thick and thin, and always have your back. We're talking about Netflix, of course. And they've done it again with Marvel's Daredevil, the action-packed Netflix Original Series with all episodes available instantly.

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1. Netflix will never judge your taste in TV shows.

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2. You can pick and choose which stories Netflix tells you…


…rather than your mate chewing your ear off about work.

3. Unlike your best mate, it adopts a strict no spoiler policy…


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…and won't talk through your favourite show. Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF

…and won't talk through your favourite show.

4. It will never tell anyone about that time you cried while watching a chick-flick.

5. You never have to buy Netflix a pint.


6. Unlike your mates, Netflix is always up for "just one more*".


*Episode until it's 3am and you're too tired to see at work the next day.

7. Netflix shows don't take the mick if you start to dress like them*…


*Them = your latest man crush in the new series you're binge-watching.

8. It doesn't get put out if you bring your girlfriend along when you're going to hang out.

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9. When you're sick, it'll happily spend the day in bed with you, and that won't be weird.


10. You never have to awkwardly try to console Netflix when a relationship* comes to an end.


*That series you've both been binge-watching.

11. It's basically like living with your best pal, only you don't want to strangle them because they leave dirty cups in the sink.

12. It's actually a useful addition to that dreaded Sunday hangover.


Unlike your best mate, who'll probably point and laugh.

13. Netflix remembers what you got up to last night, that's actually a good thing.

14. Netflix is not better at football than you, no matter how bad at football you are, because Netflix does not have legs.

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15. Netflix is cool with joining you on a toilet break.

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Your best mate… They won't return your calls if you do this.

16. It’s happy to just hang out at your house and entertain you, whenever you want.

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If you find a mate like this, they're an axe murderer.

Ready to start up a wonderful new friendship? Get stuck into Marvel's Daredevil and watch all episodes instantly.

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