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14 Reasons Why Daredevil Should Be Your New Favourite Superhero

Forget magic hammers, super serum, and robo-suits. Prepare to meet The Man Without Fear in Marvel's Daredevil. You can watch all episodes instantly on Netflix.

1. He has real-world problems.

So basically, he's not only a total badass, he's done it without the use of his eyes.

2. He's pretty handsome for a vigilante.

3. He's conflicted.

4. He's a hero, but he's not 'super'.

5. He's a street-level kind of hero.

6. He's been training for a long time.

7. He doesn't hide behind fancy gadgets.

8. He lives in the real world.

9. He has some real competition.

10. You believe he might actually get killed doing this...

11. ...but he has some help.

12. He has convictions.

13. He broods a lot.

14. Oh, and he kicks all the available ass.

All episodes of Marvel's Daredevil are available instantly on Netflix.