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14 Reasons Why Daredevil Should Be Your New Favourite Superhero

Forget magic hammers, super serum, and robo-suits. Prepare to meet The Man Without Fear in Marvel's Daredevil. You can watch all episodes instantly on Netflix.

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2. He's pretty handsome for a vigilante.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

Murdock / Daredevil is played by Boardwalk Empire and The Theory Of Everything's Charlie Cox, who you might recall from your dreams. There's just something about a man in shades...

4. He's a hero, but he's not 'super'.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

He's just a guy. A guy with really sharp senses, a lot of determination, and a scarily aggressive aversion to crime. We are not messing with him.

5. He's a street-level kind of hero.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

Departing from Marvel’s familiar high-flying, super-powered characters, the TV series takes things back to basics: Murdock tools up in practical black combat clothes to do his night job.

7. He doesn't hide behind fancy gadgets.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

You know sticks, yeah? Those. He beats the crap out of violent criminals, using only his fists and a pair of sticks. Do not spill his pint.

8. He lives in the real world.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

Marvel's Daredevil is (appropriately enough) set in a fictional version of Hell's Kitchen, New York – a neighbourhood our hero calls home, but where crime and vice have a grip on everyday people. Not a loft apartment in sight.

9. He has some real competition.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

Full Metal Jacket's Vincent D'Onofrio plays Wilson Fisk, a powerful business mogul with plans for Murdock's neighbourhood – and he doesn't want a guy in a mask getting in the way.

Fisk, a classic Marvel villain, will get more than just the "moustache-twizzling bad guy" treatment here; we'll get to see his human side too.

10. You believe he might actually get killed doing this...

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

Marvel's Daredevil is distinctly more gritty and violent than its Marvel Universe peers. Expect real danger and spilled blood, as well as heroics.

11. ...but he has some help.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

Sin City veteran Rosario Dawson has got our guy's back, playing a nurse who patches up our vigilante after his regular bust-ups. Naturally, she wants to help out – and gets to see him with his shirt off a lot.

12. He has convictions.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

The show breaks from the norm by giving its hero real beliefs. Matt Murdock is a well-meaning, religious guy who struggles with his own decision to hand crime its ass on a nightly basis.

14. Oh, and he kicks all the available ass.

Courtesy of Netflix / Marvel Studios

Basically, Marvel's Daredevil is like all your favourite crime shows, but instead of cops, it's a really hard blind guy who beats seven shades out of bad people.

Are you seriously going to pretend that's not worth watching?

All episodes of Marvel's Daredevil are available instantly on Netflix.