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The First Person Has Died As A Result Of The Recent Vaping Lung Injury Outbreak

More than 190 people have suffered severe lung injuries in 22 states in an outbreak that started at the end of June.

Dan Vergano • 2 days ago

We’re Living Through A Climate Emergency Right Now — We Just Aren’t Paying Attention

Greenland’s ice is melting, record-setting fires are blazing from the Arctic to the Amazon, and July was the world’s hottest month ever.

Dan Vergano • 3 days ago

Microplastics Are In Most Bottled Water But The WHO Says They’re Not A Health Risk — For Now

A World Health Organization-cited research team last year reported that 90% of bottled water sampled contained microscopic plastic fibers.

Dan Vergano • 4 days ago

Planned Parenthood Will Withdraw From A Federal Funding Program Because Of An Abortion "Gag Rule"

The organization announced Monday it would forgo federal dollars rather than abide by a rule that created barriers for family planning organizations that discuss or provide abortions.

Dan Vergano • 6 days ago

The Criminal Justice System Is Bad For Your Health, Warns New York City’s Health Department

“Even brief contact with the police or indirect exposure is associated with lasting harm,” said New York City’s health commissioner.

Dan Vergano • 20 days ago

Weird New Kinds Of Cocaine Could Start A “Hidden Epidemic” Of Health Threats

“The big problem is we aren’t testing for these cutting agents, and chronic health problems [they cause] by their nature only appear years later,” said an expert.

Dan Vergano • 27 days ago

We Got To The Moon Six Times. Here's Why America Really, Really Didn’t Want To Go Back.

“NASA said we’ll bet on the future,” said one space historian. That future just didn’t include moon landings.

Dan Vergano • One month ago

How Much Do You Really Know About The First Moon Landing?

What was the first meal on the moon?

Dan Vergano • One month ago
Dan Vergano • One month ago

The Body Of Missing Utah College Student Mackenzie Lueck Has Been Found

Ayoola Ajayi, 31, had been taken into custody last week and charged with Lueck's killing.

Dan Vergano • One month ago
Dan Vergano • One month ago

Europe's Heat Wave Fried The Global Temperature Record

"We are likely to see more of these events in the future due to climate change," said an expert.

Dan Vergano • One month ago
Dan Vergano • One month ago

A Science Group Is Offering $100,000 To Host A Democratic Climate Change Debate Despite A DNC Ban

“Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, voters deserve to know what these candidates’ plans are for climate change.”

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

The Government Approved A Second Controversial Sex Drug For Women

The drug is supposed to increase women's libido, and is injected with a pen about 45 minutes ahead of time.

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

Trump Ordered Dramatic Cuts To Expert Science Panels

"This kind of wholesale elimination of advisory panels is bad government," said one expert.

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

Former CDC Director Tom Frieden Pleaded Guilty To Disorderly Conduct After Being Arrested For Sex Abuse

A Brooklyn woman accused Frieden of squeezing her butt in his apartment.

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

The US Government Botched Its Investigation Into The Mysterious “Sonic Attack” In Cuba, Emails Reveal

“The fundamental problem is you can’t trust anybody here,” said one medical ethicist. “Not the US State Department and not the Cuban government.”

Dan Vergano • 2 months ago

Scientists Showed How More Guns Led To More Violent Crime

A Supreme Court case may soon create a constitutional right to freely carry a gun everywhere, but that would be a dangerous mistake to make, suggests a new study of violent crimes.

Dan Vergano • 3 months ago

President Trump Wants $1.6 Billion For A NASA Moon Landing By 2024

"That is a very small down payment for what they are proposing to do," one space expert said.

Dan Vergano • 3 months ago