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    20 Things I Think Might Be "Lit"

    Everyone keeps saying “lit” and I think I might know what it means.

    1. Hamster / Via

    This hamster seems like it might be lit.

    2. Beanie

    Beechfield / Via

    This cool beanie is probably lit.

    3. A Weed / Via

    I think I heard someone say a weed was lit?

    4. Bean Bag Chair

    Mayfair / Via

    This bean bag chair is almost definitely lit.

    5. A match? A torch? A cigarette? A lighter? Fire? Is fire lit?

    Bethesda / Via

    All of these things are literally lit.

    6. Pizza

    Pizza Hut / Via

    Pizza is maybe the most lit.

    7. A Good Burger Widescreen DVD

    Paramount Home Entertainment / Via

    I’m having a hard time thinking of anything probably more lit than Good Burger on Widescreen DVD.

    8. Twinkle Lights / Via

    Could twinkle lights be considered lit?

    9. Xbox

    Microsoft / Via

    Xbox. Almost def lit.

    10. Literature / Via

    Some call it lit.

    11. Sick Sneakers

    Nike / Via

    These sick kicks might also be lit.

    12. Cool Ranch Doritos

    Frito-Lay / Via

    I feel like Cool Ranch Doritos have to be lit.

    13. Koosh

    Hasbro / Via

    I know people call these “dank” so maybe they’re “lit” too?

    14. 8 MM Film / Via

    This might be a real classic sort of lit, maybe.

    15. Owls / Via

    Owls can turn their heads an entire 360 degrees, which is almost certainly lit.

    16. Sorry!

    Hasbro / Via

    This might be the most lit board game.

    17. The Grand Canyon / Via

    This amazing landmark seems like something that many would consider lit.

    18. The Sun / Via

    If The Sun isn’t lit then someone needs to explain lit to me.

    19. Weed / Via

    I think I made an error in my earlier assessment. This is probably the weed that might be considered lit.

    20. Getting "Turnt" / Via

    I don’t know what this means either, but it’s definitely lit.

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