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    This Baby Goat Instagram Is The Only Pure Thing Left In The World

    If you're obsessed with baby goats, you need to be following @goats_gone_grazing_acres.

    Gather ‘round, friends, and let me tell you a story about the one good thing left in this world: An Instagram account that features the cutest, most wonderful baby goats in the whole world.

    This baby goat Instagram story starts, naturally, with a human. Meet Jessi Pottebaum. She and her husband, Josh, own a farm in western Kentucky, near the town of Princeton.

    Back in 2009, they bought two miniature goats to help keep the grass on their farm manageable. “They didn’t do a very good job of mowing down the grass,” she told BuzzFeed Animals, “but I fell in love anyway."

    And from two goats grew an entire farm: 32 adult goats in all.

    But about then about a month ago, something wonderful happened: 10 of their goat moms had gotten pregnant.

    And they all gave birth… in the same week.

    Suddenly, Jessi and Josh had 21 insanely cute baby goats.

    Like, the cutest baby goats imaginable.

    They had baby goats in sweaters.

    Baby goats in sweaters on a log.

    So many baby goats that — even if you were just following them on Instagram — you might feel like this farm in Kentucky could be the most perfect place on Earth.

    And so the world got to meet these new goat families. There were Dottie and the Dippin’ Dots.

    Fluff Head and the Fluff Nuggets.

    And, of course, Shortie Baby and Poundcake.

    But here’s the thing about these baby goats: They’re already starting to grow up fast.

    One day they’re just laying around, being extra cute.

    The next they’re helping with chores. Soon, they’ll fully-grown adult goats!

    Which is why you need to be following them ASAP, because they’re only going to be adorable baby goats for a little while longer. And who knows what kind of cuteness they'll be up to next?

    You can watch these goats grow up on Instagram at @goats_gone_grazing_acres.