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    The 9 Best Types Of Kids At Sporting Events

    Little kids at sporting events are the best. But these kids? They're the very best of the best.

    1. The Kid Who Wants To Be The Sixth Man

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    2. The Kid Who Loves Being On The Jumbotron

    3. The Kid Who Uses Another Kid As A Prop In The Halftime Dunk Contest

    4. The Kid Who Really Doesn't Care If There's Something On His Face

    5. The Kid Who Can't Wait To Turn 21

    6. The Kid Who Knows What This Means Already

    7. The Kid Who Doesn't Need A Glove To Catch A Foul Ball

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    8. The Kid Who Did Something Adorable That Will Immediately End Up On "SportsCenter"

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    9. The Kid Whose Dad Just Won The Super Bowl