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    Terrible ACC Basketball Game Ends In Most Fail-Tastic Way Possible

    Maryland and Miami played a truly terrible basketball game last night. It was not fun to watch. And then Miami's Trey McKinney Jones went and did this.

    Last night, Maryland and Miami played in a basketball game. It was not a good basketball game.

    How not good of a basketball game was it? At the half, Miami led 19-14. By game's end, the two teams had combined to go 40-120 from the field, and 13-31 from the free throw line.

    So why discuss it here and now? Because with just seconds left in the second half, Miami's Trey McKinney Jones had a chance to put this terrible basketball game away with a big dunk. Instead, this happened:

    Here's the dunk attempt, isolated.

    And here's the reaction from Miami mascot Sebastian the Ibis.

    Thank you, Sebastian, for saying what we were all thinking. Miami did end up winning the game, if the word "win" or "game" can be used in association with yesterday's events.