Quiz: College Basketball Arena Nickname — Or Something Else Entirely?

From the Dean Dome to The Shoe, there really are a lot of unusual nicknames for college basketball arenas. Can you tell which of these are real and which ones we made up JUST TO MESS WITH YOU?!?!

  1. 1. Is The Pit....
    1. A legendary Albuquerque barbecue joint?
    2. The site of the 1983 NCAA Championship game?
  2. 2. Is The Hump...
    1. A roadside strip club in Starkville, Miss.?
    2. An SEC basketball arena?
  3. 3. Is The Hut...
    1. A red-roofed pizza chain?
    2. The home of Louisville basketball?
  4. 4. Is The Tad Pad...
    1. An Oxford, Miss., pad thai pad run by a dad named Tad?
    2. One of the oldest home courts in the South?
  5. 5. Is The Sportatorium...
    1. A now-defunct Dallas wrestling hall?
    2. The home court for Southern Methodist basketball?
  6. 6. Is The Barn...
    1. Minnesota’s finest indie concert venue?
    2. A Big 10 basketball arena?
  7. 7. Is The Schott...
    1. A nickname for former Cincinnati Reds president Marge Schott that never quite stuck because it’s not that creative?
    2. The home of Ohio State basketball?
  8. 8. Is The RAC...
    1. A Piscataway, N.J., dive bar where Bon Jovi launched his career?
    2. The 8,000-seat arena where Rutgers basketball plays?
  9. 9. Is the Dog Pound...
    1. The name of a 2010 Canadian thriller-drama?
    2. Gonzaga basketball’s home court?
  10. 10. Is The Phog...
    1. A misspelled tribute museum to Mel Torme?
    2. A famed Midwestern basketball arena?
  11. 11. Is The Matterhorn...
    1. One of the most famous mountains in the Alps?
    2. Where Cal State Northridge plays basketball?
  12. 12. Is The Octagon of Doom...
    1. The site of WrestleMania VIII’s legendary bout between “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Ric Flair?
    2. The arena that’s home to the Kansas State Wildcats?
  13. 13. Is The O-Dome...
    1. A futuristic area of Universal Orlando that serves as that park’s answer to Epcot Center?
    2. The University of Florida’s on-campus arena?
  14. 14. Is The Skydome...
    1. Flagstaff’s only clear-roofed orchestral hall?
    2. The stadium where both Northern Arizona football and basketball play?
  15. 15. Is Assembly Hall...
    1. The home court of Illinois basketball, and the best damn home court in the entire Big 10?
    2. The home court of Indiana basketball, and the best damn home court in the entire Big 10?
    3. A case in which an odd arena nickname is absolutely necessary?

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