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    Kenny G Is Secretly The Coolest Person You'll Ever Meet

    He has that hair. That smooth soprano sound. He even united Katy Perry and Hanson! Haters, back off: Kenny G is simply the coolest.

    This is Kenny G. There's never been a jazz musician quite like him.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Start with the hair.

    Just LOOK at that hair.

    Even Jackie Chan can't believe that hair!

    There's that smile.

    And oh yes: That smooth soprano sound.

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    Honestly, can it get any smoother than this?

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    Even Miles Davis is a little speechless when he's in Kenny G's presence!

    But Kenny G isn't just an amazing musician. He's also one of the coolest humans who ever lived.

    Photo by Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    Could someone who wasn't super cool rock out on a pontoon plane like this?

    Could someone who wasn't insanely cool play a saxophone made out of chocolate?

    Could someone who wasn't the coolest of ALL TIME unite Katy Perry and Hanson? Because this is the best supergroup since the Traveling Wilburys.

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    Would someone who wasn't ridiculously, absurdly, out-of-this-world cool agree to photos like this?

    Just face the facts: Kenny G is the coolest.

    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

    He loves the internet.

    He knows romance like no other.

    He even managed to make this clock smile!

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    You're wondering what else he's given to the world? How about his son, Max G, who will carry on that G hair to the next generation?

    What else? How about rocking this duet with Michael Bolton? That was for all of us.

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    Like Starbucks? Kenny G's partially to thank. He was an early investor in the coffee chain.

    And how about these dance moves? Kenny G, just super casual all the way. This is his gift to the world.

    Oh, and he holds the record for the "longest note ever recorded on a saxophone." He held that note for nearly 46 minutes. 46 AMAZING minutes.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Kenny G, thanks for giving us so many years of coolness. Never change.

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