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Can We Talk About How The National Zoo Is The Greatest Zoo On Earth?

I've got words for you: Bao Bao. And two more: It's free.

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It's the National Zoo, aka the National Zoological Park, aka the Smithsonian's National Zoo, aka THE GREATEST ZOO ON EARTH.

Cheetah Samson frolicked in the snow @ Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute/ Front Royal VA #SnowDay #SnowDay9

What makes it the greatest? Well, for one, it has every cool animal on the freaking planet.

Baby bears that just want to roll around all day? SUPER EXTRA COOL.

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BUT HOLD UP, we're just getting started here. The National Zoo also has baby versions of literally EVERY ANIMAL ON EARTH. I'm talking baby seals.

Baby leopards.

Baby elephants.

Before mating, elephants court by chin resting, nuzzling, or mutual bathing #ValentinesDay

Oh, and the greatest baby animal of ALL TIME: Bao Bao.

The pandas literally can't stop being adorable. Here's Bao Bao just rolling around in the snow. Is that not the cutest thing you've even seen in your life?

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And when you're not at the Zoo, you can still watch the pandas all day thanks to Panda Cam, literally the one of the top 2 or 3 inventions in human history.

Dan Oshinsky / BuzzFeed / Via

Sandwiches are no. 1, and Netflix is probably up there, too. But it's definitely top 3.

And sometimes, awesome bands just drop by to play for everyone, just in case the zoo wasn't already awesome enough.

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Oh, and one more thing: The Zoo is free. All of this — the elephants, the tigers, the baby seals, the PANDAS ROLLING AROUND IN THE SNOW BECAUSE THE WORLD IS PERFECT AND WONDERFUL — will cost you $0.

The National Zoo, sadly, no longer has giraffes. This reporter regrets the error, and even more deeply regrets that he never had a chance to say good-bye to the National Zoo's giraffes, who were really quite majestic.