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Katy Perry Has A Legit Driving Question

It’s a left, right?

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Katy took to Twitter to ask the classic driving question and her fans definitely weighed in on the conumdrum.

Most confusing driving question ever: It's a left, right?

Twitter: @katyperry / Via Twitter: @katyperry

Uh but right, left is still right... my head hurts.

@katyperry Isn’t it weird how “it’s a left, right?” works but “it’s a right, left?” totally doesn’t??

Twitter: @katycatdevin / Via Twitter: @katycatdevin

Driving professionals even weighed in!

@katyperry Agree! As an Uber driver I deal with this conundrum on the regular

Twitter: @xander85 / Via Twitter: @xander85

Honestly who hasn’t done this and then missed their exit.

"I go left?" "Right." ", right?" "No, left" "Left?" "Right.. I mean, correct"

Twitter: @lydia0ludwig / Via Twitter: @lydia0ludwig

Let me get the whiteboard out. We need to get to the bottom of this one.

@katyperry Okay but if it's a left and you're going in the right direction, then yes, it would be a right left

Regardless of whatever turn you’re making, please wear your seatbelt people!

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