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Adult Cartoons

this list is about Adult cartoons some also can be aired on kids networks if they where not really for kids

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1. Ren and Stimpy


Ren and Stimpy despite airing on Nickelodeon was not for kids because it had lots of sexual innuondoe graphic vilonce like bleeding intestines eyeballs and kidneys all being thrown up into the air and the main characters sometimes died and in one episode they go to hell and one of the main chracters ren is a physchopath who threatens and some times tries to kill stimpy and some characters try to kill themselves and they say their going to go end it all i still cant believe ren and stimpy was on Nickelodeon in the first place

3. the Power-puff girls


the Power-puff girls was orriginally for adults and was called the whoop ass girls but cartoonetwork told the cerator that he had to change the name and he did but the name was the only thing that changed because the show still had lots of adult jokes and was very vilonte in evrey single episode him got punched in the mouth and blood sprayed out

5. the angry beavers


the angry beavers was not for kids but not because it was innapproapriate but because kids wont get some of the stuff like when they dress up as hippies and pimps and the show talks about politics and the angry beavers have a no smoking sign in there house

7. regular show


regular show is rated TVPG and is not for kids because it has mild swearing like piss crotch crap holy crap and what the h characters are implied and seen drinking alcohol high five ghost is seen at a fist pump concert with a beer muscle man knocks on a motel door and a bunch of beer cans come flying out the characters go to a bar called mchooligans and benson gets very drunk it has lots of sexual innuondoe rigby says bensons going to drop his balls and says hes going to be all like oh no my gumballs rigby says he cant believe mordecia is going to a fist pump concert just for some lady pecs and later mordecia tells rigby youre lucky i care about lady pecs a giant coffee bean squirts coffee from his breasts into mordecia and rigbys mouths rigby learns a move called the pelvic thrust of death benson tells pops to hit the lights because its almost 8pm and muscle man unzips his pants and says oh man skips is going to be so suprised when he comes in and sees us all totally naked and benson tells muscle man its not that kind of party and muscle man says oh dont turn on the lights when mordecia tells rigby about a movie rigby tells mordecia he saw the preveiw for the movie and says there just going to be sitting around talking about there feelings and he sighs and says fully clothed mordecia and rigby are playing a game and a guy and girl character tongue kiss muscle man tells mordecia and rigby that it takes more then expired soda to have a party it takes guests with breasts and mine dont count party pete dry humps 2 girls mordecia sees pops naked and pops covers his crotch with his hat and he lets go for one second and it hangs there mordecia tells rigby what he saw and mordecia says he was trying not to look just give him back his magazine but i saw his and rigby says his junk mail and mordecia describes pops crotch to rigby muscle man is playing a board game and says a bunch of girls well come up to him and say oh muscle man stop pinching me in the butt with your war claw rigby is suprised that muscle man has a girlfreind and says he wonders who has more junk in the trunk a radio announcer says if a car was a girl would you take her on a date and try to get to second base benson tells mordecia and rigby that they were supposed to degum the park and he says but instead i find you held up in here twiddling some sticks and mordecia says augh dont say it like that and mordecia tells rigby that their going to be playing hard all night and rigby tells him not to say it like that and benson tells evrebody about the rules of skeeze ball and he says he wants evreyone to lineup and when the balls drop then mordecia and rigby snicker rigby picks up a bra at the old ballroom and a giant bolt says hes the king of the bolts and the nuts and then mordecia and rigby snicker and its very vilonte rigby gives muscle man 2 black eyes skips shrivels into dust and almost dies on his birthday a taxi kills people then spits out there bones mordecia kills rigby by pushing him off a microwave and he shrivels into dust skips kills rigby by smashing him through a table all the characters die in the halloween episode muscle man gets skinned alive skips gets pulled up the chimney and burns to death and mordecia gets his head chopped off offscreen with a machete in the second halloween episode mordecia and rigby die and a giant racoon intestine falls on top of pops head a elf shoots santa clause with a gun 3 times rigbys back stage pass shows satan chopping off a guys head with a guitar and blood comes out in the third halloween episode muscle man and high five ghost die by getting turned into baking in the fourth halloween episode a guy gets his head chopped off offscreen with trimmers and in the newest and fifth halloween episode bensons arms get bit off by sharks and then they kill him and a alien stabs a guy in the chest and you see a hole through his chest

8. Adventure time


Adventure time is rated TVPG and is not for kids it has mild swearing like crap crotch freaking and son of a it has lots of sexual innuondoes like a mermaid pops out of a river and asks finn and jake which one of them wants to mate with her ice king tells a robot that he can do what hes failed in and tells him that he can mate with robot princesses finn says theres lava monster in his front yard and he is so hot and then jake says m hmm and finn says no wait i didnt mean like sexy hot and jake says no you do mean sexy hot jake shapes himself to look like a snail and tells finn who is pretending to be snail im just sitting here thinking about mating with snails finn gets disgusted and says no then the snail says that he will mate with him and jake says were just role playing buddy finn goes into a forest filled with naked people and a old guy says oh no and then another guy walks by and says my most private parts peeped by a boy a girl calls finn a pervert and he keeps running through the forest and you can hear more people saying my privates jake looks in princess bubblegums room and finn tells him thats pervy in the fionna and cake episode prince gumball asks fionna to come up to his room with him and then he starts to unbutton his shirt it turns out it was just the ice queen in disguise but still ice king tells a hitman he hired that someone got hit in the boing loins jake tells finn about the diffrent teirs and finn says what about teir 15 and jake says stay away from that do not do teir 15 a guy for a royal competition says its time for the royal spooning and then slime princess wants finn to spoon her tree trunks says looks like were all alone and then mr pig says wait dont you think there might be cameras in here and tree trunks while princess bubblegum is watching says i hope so a guy turns into a monster and says im i a walking love magnet and peppermint butler says well you paid the price no doubt and i want to have your babies and he says great to the princess then and peppermint butler says no wait what about me and at the end of the episode peppermint butler asks where the guy went and princess bubblegum tells i gave him away peps i knew he wouldnt be happy without me so i built him a robot wife and then peppermint butler says you should have given him to me and then smacks princess bubblegum across the face and its very vilonte finn and jake run through a bunch of maces and weapons on a board walk and they almost get mutilated finn is seen walking with a monsters head in his hands magic man turns a bird inside out a giant monster beats finn up and says beg for mercy or i will kill you finn chops a guys head off offscreen and his head falls on the ground but hes still alive the lichs skin burns off and hes seen skinned alive and theirs some dark humor jake jokes about seeing dead bodies and guts on the ground and finn and jake make these people laugh while there trying to moarn there loss and it makes the guy whos dead angry and theres some suicide refrences finn lets go of some balloons and the balloons say yay to the metsophere finally we can die and a guy named princess cookies tries to kill himself but fails and ends up in a mental hospital

10. sym bionic titan


Sym bionic titan is rated TVPG and is not for kids its for older teens and adults its very vilonte a guy punches a kid in the mouth and he spits out blood and later you see the same guys teeth lying in a pool of blood and it has some sexual innuondoe a girl dances in front of a guy with a song called shake it bake it booty quake it and does a pole dance on the lamp

11. Robotomy


Robotomy is rated TVPG V and is not for kids its for older teens and adults it has mild swearing like crap and screwed and its very vilonte robots get shot crushed ripped in half and impaled and theres some sexual innuondoe a robot is seen painting and the robots parents mistakes it for masturbating and theres a robot that looks like a hooker in the show

14. batman the animated series


batman the animated series is not for kids its very vilonte batman kills the scarecrow and you see his body on a ceiling fan not moving batman gets bloody cuts and the joker drops a guy in a coffin into a pit of acid sings a song to remember him then forgets about him and asks whos hungry and it has some sexual innuondoe harley quinn pops out of a giant pie for the joker and does a strip tease and 2 girls are seen in there pajamas about to have supper its implied that there lesbians

16. spiderman the new animated series


spiderman the new animated series was not for kids it had swearing like danm hell bitch and crap and its very vilonte characters get shot with guns and die the lizard falls off a building and dies

17. the ripping freinds


the ripping freinds was not for kids it was very vilonte a peice of gum sucks the moisture out of people a worm sucks the spines out of people some evil shorts take over jimmy and he squashes and kills a bug with a rock a cow slices off a peice of her skin for the ripping freinds a cat tries to hit a guy on the back of the head and a guy is seen with a organ machine and a kid acctually gives him real organs its very disturbing rip hooks himself up to a pain machine and he gets electrocuted and theres a close up of his veins moving back and forth and theirs some sexual innuondoe a hot dog is seen standing in front of a bun with his lower half pointing upwards rip tells the hot dog and bun to hug and it cuts to black rip accidentally pops in on a girl taking a shower and says its okay mam im a ripping freind and then she throws a brush at him and screams a girl kisses a naked bear and the bears crotch then gets stung by bees and theres a swear that gets censored and cut off

20. the cleveland show


the cleveland show is tamer then family guy but is still not for kids its very vulgar vilonte and has lots of swearing the uncensored version has uncensored swearing and middle fingers

21. the simpsons


the simpsons is not for kids it has mild swearing like danm hell and bitch it has lots of sexual innuondoe and its very vilonte theres a show that the kids like to watch called itchy and scratchy which has lots of gore and the halloween episodes are more darker theres blood and gore and chracters die by getting shot impaled and getting there heads chopped off in one of the newest halloween episodes homer and marge kill themselves and lisa and bart kill eachother characters drink beer and get drunk characters do drugs and theirs a mob boss called fat tony who kills people

22. futurama


futurama is not for kids it has swearing like ass bastard bitch and a censored f word it has lots of sexual innuondoe and is very vilonte zoidberg chops off frys arm leela kills almost evrebody at planet express and theres some blood

24. bobs burgers


Bobs burgers is not for kids it has swearing like ass hell danm and bitch and the first episode was about bob serving human flesh and it has lots of sexual innuondoe theirs one episode where the kids go to a funeral parlor and almost burn bob alive theirs some really dark humor some people come out of a funeral parlor and gene uses his microphone that makes fart noises to try to make the people laugh and in the newest episode bob and linda eat cookies with marijuana in them and are stoned throughout the whole episode


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