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Childcare Workers: Tell Us What Parents Have Said Or Done That Made You Reevaluate Your Job

Some parenting is definitely...questionable.

Taking care of children is not an easy job, and childcare workers should definitely be applauded (and paid more) for making sure that the children they're watching over are healthy, safe, and nurtured while their parents are away.

Three men and a baby

That said, if you are or were a childcare worker, we want to know what parents have said or done that left you totally horrified, shocked, or completely dumbfounded.

Woman saying "I'm not having kids till I'm 80"

Maybe you work in a daycare and had parents who didn't pick up their kid until two hours past closing because it was lobster night at the local seafood buffet and they didn't want to miss it.

A woman saying "A full day of trying to entertain a small person is hard"

Maybe you were a babysitter and noticed that the parents were really into the nonbathing thing and would literally leave their kids crusty, stinky, and dirty because humans are supposed to be ~natural~.

A man looking at a screaming woman with the caption, "I mean, we are KILLING IT as parents"

Maybe you worked with a family in which one parent was having an affair (maybe even both of them were), and you simply decided to mind your business even though the whole time, you were giving major side-eye.

Man toasting "to so-so parenting"

Or perhaps you worked as a nanny and the parents relied on you to basically raise their kids — cooking, feeding, bathing, tutoring, disciplining — so that they could live their lives pretending that they weren't parents at all.

Woman saying "You're a grown-up, you have children; I don't know what to say to you"

Whatever the case may be, we wanna know. And don't be afraid to reach into the deepest parts of your memory — give us drama, storytelling, conflict! Tell us in the comments or through this Google form for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Buzzfeed Community post!